For over 15 years, our cofounders have been leaders in the healthcare data, analytics, and technology space finding insights and driving value for our clients. Leveraging our entrepreneurial, corporate, and consulting experience, we developed a rapidly deployable and easily scalable platform that eliminates data conflict within your enterprise.

At Bytemap, building strong, lasting relationships is our priority and our flexible engagement model has supported our clients’ changing needs and desire to investigate new tools and potential revenue streams.


Organizations have been focussed on accumulating data then trying to make sense of it in one-off vendor services and projects. We help our clients deploy the architectural and analytic framework we have developed to meaningfully access their data to grow and improve their businesses.


We are excited to announce that we are releasing a self- serve version of our framework. This platform, available later this year, automatically transforms and stores enterprise client data, enriches the data with definitions and context that learn over time, and allows non-technical people to easily access information and quickly get reliable answers to key business questions.


We’ve perfected the process of platform building thanks to our highly experienced team. We’ve created a variety of secure, online platforms capable of visualizing measures, metrics and scores allowing for strategic decision making. Our platforms deliver data in powerful and creative ways by utilizing advanced modern visuals. We’ve developed our own visual libraries over the years, letting us quickly create the dashboards and reports that your business needs. Of course, our software development prowess goes well beyond platforms, and we can create any kind of custom tool or process that you’re looking for.


Our team has mastered the art of wrangling unruly health data - claims, clinical, financial, and measurement. From creating requirements documents to automated ETL tools, we develop and design robust, flexible data ingestion processes to meet your sophisticated analytics and reporting needs. Our playbook streamlines data ingestion through custom data specification management and staged data quality enforcements. Our warehousing approach designs event-based data structures supported by homogenous concept and hierarchical terminology management. We focus on simplicity, ensuring clear lineage through tiered data refinement stages, intensive actionable QC, and extensive profiling applications.


Our approach to analytics is simple: we deliver value through actionable insights to help our clients accelerate their digital transformation journey. We offer effective solutions that can harvest, visualize, link, and analyze unstructured healthcare data. We have spent decades on the translation of clinical terminologies to standard terms for homogenous rule design and execution. Normalization, standardization, and risk adjustment processes for accurate benchmarkings are inherent in all our analytics solutions. Our team has constructed numerous scalable grouper taxonomies and complex rule ontologies that are integratable to robust online platforms for near real time alerts and dashboards. Our analyses often require the implementation of client-data tailored patient attribution rules and provider-event associated algorithms reflecting medical and fiscal responsibilities. From more classical statistical modeling techniques to machine-learning based predictions, we’ve done it all.

DevOps + IT

Applications and databases are worthless without the underlying infrastructure to power them securely. We have years of experience in creating custom cloud deployments for clients in the healthcare space. We specialize in creating scalable, self-healing deployments that are effortless to maintain. They even grow automatically as our clients do. Our infrastructure is always carefully planned out, with security being the top concern. Our deployed controls go above and beyond the typical security setup, something that auditors and pen-testers are always sure to note. Whether you have a modern, containerized stack or have legacy apps, we’re here to help.

Starting with a clean slate? That’s great too! We’ve devloped a battle-tested stack that ensures your project will be built and run reliably, without the usual hiccups and headaches that rear their ugly heads during implementation. We’ve ironed out the kinks so you don’t have to.


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